Deer Isle - Stonington



Deer Isle and Stonington are the two communities that comprise the island of Deer Isle. Ancient inhabitants of the region, the Native Americans, are believed to have been there as early as six thousand years ago. The first European to sail his ship, La Anunciada, to the region was Estevan Gomez, working for the Spanish Crown. The French, however would become the most active in the region, establishing farms and building cabins. Toward the end of the French and Indian War in 1760, the town of Deer Isle was settled by English colonists who became active in fishing, shipbuilding, and seafaring. 

Sailors on the Island became noted for maritime skills, some even serving as crew in Americas cup Races of 1895 and 1899. Deer Isle was incorporated in 1789. During the granite boom in 1870, quarrying in the southern third of Deer Island became a major occupation. The granite industry flourished. Its quarries supplied granite for structures across the country, such as the US Naval Academy, the Manhattan Bridge, and President John F. Kennedys tomb at Arlington National Cemetery. In 1897, this picturesque old seaport, initially known as Greens Landing, was set off and incorporated as Stonington, named for its granite quarries. 

  • This enchanting island is a mecca for writers and artists. A rich variety of places you will want to visit include the many galleries which dot the island, housing original paintings, sculptures, etc., where you can take part in the wine and cheese gatherings which occur during the summer.
  • Twelve nature conservancies, quiet coves, fields of wildflowers, wilderness parks, or a working waterfront can be enjoyed by those who love the outdoors.
  • Main Street provides antique shops, gift shops, book stores, and fine restaurants housed in historical homes. 
  • The Stonington Opera House has achieved national recognition as a year round performing arts center. Deer Isle / Stonington has many wonderful lodging choices, such as bed and breakfasts, inns, cottage rentals, and private vacation rentals. You will find it a neighborly and welcoming place.

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