Madawaska, Maine is the northern most town in Maine and the cultural center of the Saint John River Valley. It is directly across the river from Edmunston, New Brunswick. Madawaska is home to Fraser Paper and the Northern Trading Cosmetic Company. Strong in its Acadian Heritage there are many festivals and celebrations that occur in this proud Northern Maine town. They include the Acadian Festival and Festival de Musique Impressioniste.  Madawaska also is popular destination for snowmobilers and is known for some of the most well groomed trails in the State of Maine.

  • This town is long on French Arcadian history. French is commonly spoken here. The annual Acadian Festival, held in June, celebrates its heritage. 

  • Madawaska It is also distinguished as the northernmost town in Maine. It lies on along the St. John River and offers access to Canada.

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