Visit beautiful Carrabassett Valley, home to renowned Sugarloaf Mountain, at any time, and take in the wealth of recreational opportunities found in this four-season vacation community.  In Spring and Summer enjoy fishing, boating, hiking or biking.  Enjoy a hunting adventure in Fall, or wildlife-watching, or taking foliage walks, delighting in the brilliant colors of Autumn.  When the snow falls, ski on Sugarloaf, rated as one of the best places to ski in the East, or cross-country ski, skate, or snowmobile in this Wintertime wonderland.

  • Nestled in the heart of Maine’s beautiful western mountains, Carrabassett Valley is two hours northwest of Portland, and two hours west of Bangor, Maine.  It’s proud residents are always eager to greet visitors and guide them.

    Carrabassett Valley has a long history, the first recorded dating back to 1775, when Benedict Arnold’s men, on their ill-fated autumn march to Quebec City camped in the area for several days.

    The town of Carrabassett Valley originated from the sale in 1793, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, of one million acres of land to William Bingham.  When these acres were surveyed into townships, two were named Jerusalem and Crockertown. These townships were later to become the town of Carrabassett Valley.

    When Bingham died in 1804, his land was divided into lots along both sides of the Carrabassett River, in the township of Jerusalem. In 1837 there were eight families inhabiting Jerusalem.  Crockertown was still uninhabited, but logging had begun in that area.  

    In 1880, the first two residents arrived in Crockertown and established a farm, still known today as Campbell Field.
    Crockertown and Jerusalem townships underwent many ownerships after 1900, including the Dead River Company, and the Great Northern Paper Company which built huge lumber mills employing many people.

    In 1908, a great forest fire in July burned across the north side of Sugarloaf toward Crocker Mountain with a total loss of about 5500 acres. This fire provided some of the “above treeline” skiing on Sugarloaf Mountain, which we enjoy today.

    In 1950, the Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club (SMSC) was formed to develop a ski facility on the mountain, and serious trail development began.  In 1953, the Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation (SMC) was formed, and purchased the assets of SMSC.

    In 1955, installation of skiing infrastructure began, starting with a 10 HP, 700 ft. rope tow.  A building boom ensued on Sugarloaf Mountain, including camps, motels, ski shops, and private ski chalets.

    In 1971, the voters of Jerusalem Township voted to incorporate, and the town of Carrabassett Valley was born.  The building boom continued, including construction of on-mountain condominiums, shopping and condo complexes, and a radio station.  Additions began replacing existing skiing infrastructure.

    In 1974, voters decided to establish the town-manager form of government, and in 1975, Carrabassett Valley annexed Crockertown, which created a town largest in area of any town in Maine.  

    In 1976, the Touring Center was built to enhance cross-country skiing.  The skating rink at the Center opened in 1980.  

    The 1980s saw much development on Sugarloaf Mountain, including the construction of a golf course, health club, snowmobile club, the Sugarloaf Hotel, and condominium development.

    Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation was purchased by SKI LTD in 1993.  In 1996, Sunday River (American Skiing Company) purchased SKI LTD.  In August, 2007, Sugarloaf resort was sold to it’s current owner, Boyne Resorts.  An up-to-date ski area, Sugarloaf Mountain is rated as one of the best places to ski in the East.

    Whether your getaway plans include fishing, boating, leaf- peeping, hunting, or shushing down ski slopes, a wealth of recreational opportunities await you in scenic Sugarloaf and Carrabassett Valley!               


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