Located just north of Owls Head lies Rockland, home of the famous Maine Lobster Festival held the first weekend in August. This town is the commercial hub of Knox County and offers travelers many accommodations. State-run ferries at the Rockland Public Landing make regular trips to North Haven and Vinalhaven, two islands in Penobscot Bay. Windjammer cruises depart from adjacent wharfs.

Rockland Maine with its mountainous and rocky shore, rivers, lakes and bays make it one of the most beautiful destinations on the coast of Maine. Hundreds of inlets and harbors make for some of the best cruising waters anywhere for sailing and boating. Rockland Harbor is one of the finest shipping and recreational boating harbors on the East Coast. Rockland is a central waypoint for travelers. Landing ports and ferries to and from Northhaven and Vinalhaven Islands are available. 

Recreational activities abound in Rockland. Explore historic homes, the architecture of which rival those of many larger cities. Visit museums or art galleries. Shop on historic Main Street, or at large modern outlying shopping centers. Sail the Penobscot Bay on a windjammer, and discover the many islands. There are mountains to climb, and winter activities as well. Lodging and fine dining opportunities abound. Enjoy a more simple life. Explore Rockland. You will receive a fine welcome and be treated with friendliness and respect. 
  • Abenaki Indians originally named Rockland, Catawanteak, meaning *great landing place*. 
  • In 1769, Rockland was first settled by John Lermond and his two brothers. 
  • Shipbuilding, lime production, fishing and lobstering have all been part of Rocklands industrial history. It has served as the commercial center of the midcoast Maine region since the 1850s. The advent of the Knox and Lincoln Railroad in 1871 resulted in an influx of tourists to Rockland, and the subsequent establishment of inns and hotels.
  • On an enclosed bay south of Camden on Coastal Route 1, Rockland is a central waypoint for travelers and locals alike. Landing ports and ferries to and from Northhaven and Vinalhaven Islands are available. Rockland is surrounded by bays, peninsulas, rivers, lakes, and inlets. Rockland, besides being a popular crossroads, exhibits also tremendous natural beauty.


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