Presque Isle (the French term for peninsula) is the gateway to the North Maine Woods - to great outdoor adventure. The peninsula was formed by the Aroostook River and the Presque Isle Stream. It was first settled along the Aroostook River, in 1828. At that time, it was not known if the land, originally named Fairbanks for it's founder, Dennis Fairbanks, was part of America or Canada. This boundary dispute was resolved following the 1838 war with Canada. Lumber mills and grist mills, established by Fairbanks, were the first industries to appear in Presque Isle. Before 1840, Fairbanks had begun selling lots in the area. The township was incorporated as Presque Isle in 1859. During the last 30 years of the 19th century, agriculture became important, and the entire county became noted for it's production of potatoes. Presque Isle became an agricultural as well as an industrial center. Other developments occurred during the 19th century. The New Brunswick Railroad and the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad opened the area for further development. Presque Isle became a busy war center during World War II. It became a vital air transport installation when the federal government established an air base from the local airport for planes going to and from Great Britain. When the base closed in 1961, the City bought the land from the federal government, and transformed it into an industrial park.

  • Presque Isle was named one of the All American Cities in 1966.
  •  It is a beautiful place, featuring amenities for all four seasons.   Enjoy the comfort of down-home hospitality of Presque Isle during any season. 
  • In wintertime, there are many rolling hills for down-hill skiing. Well-groomed trails allow for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.
  • In spring and summer, there are many lakes and streams for fishing, swimming, or boating.
  • Fall is the season for enjoying brilliant foliage and hunting.

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