Jackman, Maine is part of the Moose River valley, nestled in between mountains to the North and South.  It is also known as The Switzerland of Maine, being the first to get snow, and the last to lose it.  This beautiful vast North-wood area, surrounded by forests, wildlife, streams, and lakes, offers a visitor a wealth of scenic drives along the Old Canada Scenic Byway.  This outstanding four-seasonal recreational area includes excellent snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, and relaxation. 

The many wonderful lakes in the area make boating and fishing great ways to spend your vacation.  Jackson has one of the best ATV trails in all of New England.  The best white water rafting opportunities are available for a family adventure.  A hike to the top of a mountain, where only the sounds of the wind, birds, and little animals can be heard, and where the air is fresh with the fragrance of pine and wild flowers, reveals a breathtaking view of the rugged beauty of this remote area. You will remember forever the incredible foliage of autumn.  

No matter what your lodging preference is, you can find it in Jackman.  Wilderness camping for an outdoorsman adventure is an option every season of the year, where you can have a view of the lake, or be surrounded by trees.  If you prefer to sleep indoors, B & Bs, motels, hotels, and resort facilities are available.  There is a long tradition of catering by   residents and merchants to visitors, while they explore this beautiful area.

  • The gateway between Quebec and Maine, Jackman was named after Captain James Jackman who was hired by the state to complete construction of a road to Canada, in the 1930s.  This road called Old Canada Trail, was also known as Arnolds Trail, for Benedict Arnold who used the route to Canada during the American Revolution.  
  • Lumbering is the major business in Jackman today. Since the advent of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1888, the lumbering industry has thrived, and become the life-blood of the area.  
  • Jackman is 17 miles from the Canadian border.  Many visitors go into Canada for day trips, or to ride the trails.  If you should plan to cross the border, please visit the Department of Homeland Security for updates concerning documents required.


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